'SA's youngest millionaire' Shezi stands by partner after past crimes revealed

09 September 2015 - 18:36 By Times LIVE

'SA's youngest millionaire' Sandile Shezi's business partner is a convicted criminal in the United Kingdom, according to a report.

News24 reports that South Africa's youngest millionaire's partner George van der Riet served time for manslaughter and drug dealing in the UK.

According to the BBC, van der Riet admitted to the crimes during a case at the Old Bailey in London.

He was using the name David van der Riet at the time.

Shezi responded to the allegations by saying he knew.

"I am aware that over five years ago, George van der Riet was involved in an altercation where a man sustained a head injury and died in hospital three days later. George spent two years as a guest of her Majesty [the Queen of England].

"He spent the two years studying and helping people become literate. Since his return to South Africa, he has done a lot of charity work and has helped mentor me and some of my advanced students for free."