Praying bus driver could be your taxi driver soon, promises every trip will start with a prayer

25 December 2015 - 11:26 By Tammy Petersen
Image: GalloImages/iStock

Cape Town’s praying bus driver may soon be back on the road – this time in a taxi. And every trip will start with a prayer, he has promised.

Jerome Rose, who previously drove on the Cape Town/Atlantis MyCiTi bus route until he was dismissed for repeatedly leading passengers in prayer, said that while he and his family face a financially uncertain festive season, he is “excited to see what God has in store”.

“I trust in the Lord, always,” Rose said. “He knows what is best for us.”

Rose has been jobless since being fired last month.

He was given a verbal warning on Friday November 6 to stop leading passengers in prayer after one submitted a written complaint.

But, despite this, he continued to pray, arguing he was a "Christian first, then a bus driver". He was eventually fired following a disciplinary hearing a week later. 

Rose said his shop steward filed an appeal on his behalf.

While he waits for the matter to be finalised, he has started throwing around ideas to put food on the table.

“My church has a taxi which they have offered me to use while I am between jobs,” he said.

“And when I start driving, I will definitely start every trip the right way – with a prayer.”

The father of five said since his dismissal, he has received a number of job offers including one from Intercape, known to promote Christianity on their buses.

“I have put all of the offers on hold while I deal with the appeal and a possible CCMA case. When I do a job, I do it right. The proceedings in the background could cut into my work time and I don’t want that.”

But while he is unable to depend on a fixed monthly income, good Samaritans have dug deep to assist the Roses.

“I have been given donations so far totalling about R7000,” he said.

“Just this past weekend, a church in Mitchells Plain handed over R3500 to me. Wow – God’s grace is so amazing.”

He is enjoying spending time with his wife and children at their Pniel home after his job forced him to relocate to Atlantis.

“I am blessed and happy to be surrounded by them. What must happen will happen if it’s the Lord’s will.

“God is in control, and I trust Him to guide me. Where he leads, I will follow.”

Source: News24