Why Gigaba's wife and ex-mistress engaging in cyber bullying is not a win-win situation

19 January 2016 - 13:25 By Times LIVE
Malusi and Norma Gigaba.
Malusi and Norma Gigaba.
Image: Via Norma's Instagram

The two women have not reached an amicable understanding and are instead engaging in extreme cyber bullying on social media network, Instagram.

Norma Gigaba has sparked an online feud once again with New York based stylist, Buhle Mkhize after she commented on Mkhize's page that she was 'selling her body.'

The two have been at each other's throats before, trading nasty insults and taking their online spat to private conversations and phone calls which were exposed by Mkhize.

While Mr Gigaba released a statement denying the affair with Mkhize and saying his only mistake was to befriend her, his denial opened a hornet's nest as the US-based fashion stylist claims she has proof to show Gigaba flew her over to SA, sent her about R300,000 in cash, funded her personal holidays and had an affair with her that lasted close to a year.

Norma meanwhile has been supportive of her husband and stood by his side, opting to deal with Mkhize online and telephonically.

Norma has resorted to bullying Mkhize, calling her names on her Instagram page and spreading rumours about her. The two women have actively engaged in bullying each other online, leading to embarrassing details being revealed about their personal lives.

Mkhize, who is married, has admitted that she cheated on her husband and went through a separation over the affair she had with Gigaba.

She has also revealed her role as the 'other woman' detailing how she lied to her husband and went to visit Gigaba, shortly after he married Norma. Mkhize's women empowerment foundation, The Sisterhood also received bad publicity for her dealings with Gigaba.



Buhle Mkhize continues to engage in cyber bullying with Norma Gigaba

Norma has had to contend with private details of her family life and relationship to Gigaba become public knowledge. Seemingly, the IT developer was not fazed by Mkhize's revealing salacious tidbits of the affair with her husband after the feud they had last year.

After Norma commented on Mkhize's page, the floodgates were opened as Mkhize accused Malusi of using the department of home affairs and its staff to arrange her trips and deliver cash to her.

Mkhize also stated Norma was hiding her firstborn child from Malusi and his family. The vindictive revelations carried on for hours as Mkhize further threatened to sue Norma for defamation of character.

According to HuffingtonPost.com, cyber bullying occurs among 40 percent of adults and includes the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

The effects of this type of bullying can be long lasting as it erodes self confidence, causes public humiliation and may even be as drastic as weight loss or insomnia.

 Legal claims against cyber bullies can also be made, provided proof of threats and evidence is presented along with the claim, the website reports.