Destroyed UCT art included anti-apartheid painting: report

17 February 2016 - 12:50 By Times LIVE', TMG digital

Amongst the artwork destroyed by rioting #Rhodesmustfall students was at least one protest painting that opposed apartheid.

According to the Daily Maverick while most of the artwork destroyed was of figures attached to the university - the anti-apartheid painting was of a figure holding a sign that read 'no to violence'.

GroundUp reports that the painter was Keresemose Richard Baholo, and that in the 1990s, he painted a series of pictures of protests at the University of Cape Town featuring Jameson Hall in the background.

Price on protest

UCT has vowed that it “will continue operations” on Wednesday in the wake of violent protests by “a group of Rhodes Must Fall (RMF) students”.

The varsity’s website said that there “are some delays with the Jammie Shuttle”‚ but added that “most access routes to campus are open‚ while some are currently being cleared”.

The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) vice-chancellor‚ Dr Max Price issued a strongly worded statement: “We are determined not to allow a small group of violent protesters to prevent 27000 students and 4 500 staff from exercising their right to study and work in a safe environment.”

He said the RMF students “reacted to our request to move their protest shack with violence‚ invasion of residences‚ burning of barricades‚ portraits stolen from residences‚ invasion of residence kitchens‚ and general vandalism”.

Police reportedly used stun grenades to quell protests and at least eight students were said to have been detained overnight.

“They have made clear that their aim is to create a confrontation both with private security and with the police‚ and to shut down the university‚” Price said of the protesters.

“The Public Order Policing unit of the South African Police Service have come onto campus and are supporting UCT security to bring the situation under control.”

Price said that the university was “in the process of obtaining an interdict and will bring criminal charges against those involved”.

“We have taken the step to suspend eight students‚” he added.

“It is utterly regrettable that a movement that began with such promise and purport to be fighting for social justice matters has now deteriorated into a group that engages in criminality and has only one agenda namely to close UCT operations down.

“Their behaviour is utterly unacceptable and can in no way be tolerated.”