Sugar mama squeezes Ben 10's testicles with pliers

24 February 2016 - 17:36 By Tumelo waga Dibakwane

A Mpumalanga teenager can't believe he is still alive after his 38-year-old girlfriend squashed his testicles with a pair of pliers upon discovering that he was dating a younger woman.

Image: Gallo Images/ istock

The teen, Henry Khosa, 19, from Cork near Bushbuckridge, was attacked at his sugar mama's home in the same area earlier this month.

“Things turned sour after I met someone my age and we took off immediately. I tried my level best to hide the relationship from my sugar mama and everyone from my area. It was easy at first because my side chick lives far from my home. I played my cards right until the younger one called my phone while I was with my sugar mama,” he said on Thursday.

Khosa said she later accessed his phone and read all his messages.

“The next day she invited me to her house. At first I didn’t want to go, but due to my guilty conscience I was forced to go there and acted normal.

“I was sleeping when I woke up from extreme pain in my balls. When I checked I found her tightly squeezing my balls with pliers. She told me that if I move she will tear them apart. I screamed at the top of my voice and begged her to let me go but she refused and told me that she is teaching me a lesson that I will never forget in my life,” said Khosa.

Khosa said that his sugar mama held on to his testicles for about 10 minutes while she demanded that he tell her everything about the new girl and why he was cheating on her.

He was eventually kicked out of her house, stark naked in the middle of the night.

When African Eye News Service contacted the woman, she admitted to squashing Khosa's testicles but only agreed to speak provided her name is not mentioned.

“At first I was very angry at him because I do almost everything for him. I treat him with respect because I didn’t want the age difference to bother him but still he cheated on me even after he promised that he will never double-cross me,” she said.

Khosa said he won't press charges against the suga mama because he still loves her. - African Eye News Service