'Jakkals made me do it'

07 December 2016 - 09:22 By ARON HYMAN
Franziska Blöchliger. File photo
Franziska Blöchliger. File photo
Image: You Magazine via Twitter

One of the four men accused of murdering, raping and robbing 16-year-old Franziska Blöchliger in Tokai forest has pointed the finger at one of his co-accused - a man nicknamed Jakkals.

Howard Oliver revealed details of the murder, which he said started with his plan to steal a jogger's cellphone to pay for his child's creche fees, but which ended in Blöchliger's death.

In an affidavit submitted to the Wynberg Magistrate's Court, Oliver laid the blame for Blöchliger's rape and murder at the door of Jonathan Jonas, also known as Jakkals.

Oliver's lawyer, Monique Carsten, said the affidavit had been filed as "an answer to the decision to only indict Oliver".

She said: "My client is not innocent but it is unfair to let him take the fall for everything, especially when there are 44 lab reports outstanding."

Oliver, of Westlake, said Jonas held him hostage at gunpoint in the fynbos, while he raped Blöchliger.

This was after Oliver choked and robbed Blöchliger for her cellphone, which he said he wanted to sell to raise fees for his child's crèche. Oliver said he had been smoking Mandrax while watching people jogging in the forest.

"I then had the idea that I could rob someone to get the money for the crèche," said Oliver.

After meeting Jonas he saw Blöchliger jogging nearby.

"I moved towards her. She jogged past me and I ran up behind her and grabbed her from behind in a chokehold around the neck with my one arm.

"She became unconscious from the pressure of my arm and I let her slide to the ground," he said, adding that he took her phone.

After she regained consciousness Jonas robbed her of a ring and a watch then produced a gun and told both of them to move into the fynbos, Oliver said.

Oliver said that after Jonas raped Blöchliger he thought she was still alive.

"I am still convinced I saw her breathing when we left," he said.

"Jakkals warned me to not say anything about this to anyone or he would come shoot me," he said in the affidavit.

The hearing was adjourned until Friday.