Help for Durban biker after near-death accident

08 March 2017 - 15:09
By Taschica Pillay

Funds have been raised to help a Durban endurance racer‚ who had a near death accident‚ with his recovery and journey to achieving gold at Roof of Africa motorbike race in Lesotho.

Timothy Hay‚ 35‚ of Ballito‚ spent more than a month in hospital following an accident in January.

Hay directs and produces the show Journey to the Roof — where he rides and films the epic adventures that Journey to the Roof team endure‚ documenting all the challenges and obstacles they face in their training for Roof of Africa — an endurance race in Lesotho.

The show has been aired on Two Wheels on Supersport.

Hay’s sister‚ Carey‚ set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to assist with the loss of income and the months of rehabilitation and recovery.

During a shoot in January Hay was travelling around Cape Town when he was flung through the window of the vehicle when they hit a drain bridge.

“The car rolled to the right and the roof landed on my stomach or pelvis area‚ pinning me between the car and the ground. Lucky we were in convoy and others helped lift the van off me and drag me out. I was not in a good way‚ [in] severe pain and I was slipping away with every breath I held on to.

“The ambulance was about an hour away so all I could do was mentally prepare myself while everyone tried to keep me awake‚” said Hay.

He was taken to a state hospital in Clanwilliam in the Western Cape‚ as he has no medical aid‚ and was later transferred to Durbanville mediclinic because of the severity of his injuries.

Hay said after his uncle paid R100,000 he underwent a three-hour operation to repair a ruptured bowel and doctors removed part of his severed colon‚ amongst other things.

“My pelvis was fractured in two places but they could only work on that at a later stage. First priority was my abdominal injuries and starting on medication to control the infection. After the first op I woke up in a daze. The next few days were hell and I just felt dizzy the entire time‚” he said.

Early last month he underwent his second operation to correct his pelvis.

“I thought this was the turning point and that I was on the road to recovery. I was out my bed and sitting in the chair the very next day. I was so relieved that I was finally healing and on my journey to recovery.”

But a scan and blood tests showed his infection count was high‚ fluid had filled his lungs and had partially collapsed and he had inflammation in his abdomen.

After going back to theatre‚ he was finally on the road to recovery and discharged from hospital last week.

“If it wasn't for all the prayers and help from my amazing family and girlfriend‚ Nicole Pearson I would never have got as for as I did.”

He said three years of training for the Roof of Africa motorbike endurance race‚ which he has received bronze and silver finishes‚ played a big part on his focus of the finish line.

“This experience has put life in perspective and I am truly grateful to God for a second chance at life‚” said Hay.

- TMG Digital/The Times