Outrage over 'forced outing' of gay pupils at Eastern Cape school

09 March 2017 - 16:09 By Qaqamba Magadla
exam, matric, school, file photo
exam, matric, school, file photo
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The actions of an Eastern Cape school principal alleged to have forced 38 girls to declare their sexual orientation in front of their parents on Tuesday has been widely condemned.

The Commission for Gender Equality‚ provincial department of education‚ lesbian‚ gay‚ bisexual‚ transsexual and intersex (LGBTI) community and the Democratic Alliance have all vowed to launch investigations into the conduct of principal Nomampondomise Kosani of Ulwazi High School in Mdantsane.

  • Eastern Cape school forces gay pupils to come outA furore has broken out at a top mixed Mdantsane school after the principal on Tuesday ordered 38 teenage girls to publicly tell their parents they were gay.

Kosani caused widespread outrage after she is alleged to have called the group of 38‚ aged 14 to 18‚ together to force them‚ in front of their parents‚ to point out their girlfriends.

Kosani first called the group in after two girls were found kissing in a bathroom. She has refused to comment on the matter.

Commission for Gender Equality legal adviser Kerry Anne Oosthuysen said the commission had‚ by law‚ a mandate to investigate and resolve complaints regarding gender-related issues.

Oosthuysen said the commission – along with the justice‚ crime prevention and security (JCPS) cluster departments‚ civil society organisations and the LGBTI community – had called an urgent meeting to plot a way to resolve the matter.

Oosthuysen said the Eastern Cape office of the commission was gathering information on the affected pupils and their parents and would “in accordance with its mandate” formally investigate the allegations.