Report cops for not stopping assault‚ Tshwane metro police urges victim

11 August 2017 - 16:03 By Nico Gous
Tshwane Metro Police. File photo
Tshwane Metro Police. File photo
Image: Gallo Images/ Lefty Shivambu

The Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) said it is aware of “an incident” where two metro cops allegedly stood by as a man was struck with a brick in front of them.

Carel Kruger was attacked in Pretoria on Sunday night after being pursued and forced off the road by two taxis.

“I knew they were there to kill me‚” he said.

Kruger was driving on Lavender Road on his way home to Akasia when a white taxi switched lanes and forced him off the road. He pressed the hooter of his Ford Bantam bakkie and flashed his lights to avoid a collision.

He manoeuvred off the road onto the centre median‚ accelerated past the taxi‚ veered back onto the road and moved to the left lane.

But the white taxi accelerated and drove next to Kruger while a blue taxi approached from behind.

“I could see they were sitting there‚ staring at me through the window.”

The white taxi moved to the left.

“When I saw I was being boxed in‚ I moved around him on the left onto the gravel.”

The blue taxi accelerated and hit the back of Kruger’s bakkie with its bull bar. The engine died‚ because its electronics are programmed to turn off upon heavy impact.

Four men with bricks approached the bakkie after it stopped and pulled out the car keys. Kruger climbed out and was struck by brick on his left temple.

Kruger says two metro cops arrived minutes later and parked on the centre median. He ran to the officers as blood streamed down his face and the attackers were in pursuit.

Kruger grabbed one officer’s jacket and said: “Help me! These people are trying to kill me.”

Kruger said he was struck once more in front of the officers. He alleges the metro cops did not try to stop the attackers.

Kruger fell down‚ stood up and charged across the road‚ but people in the cars locked their doors and did not assist him.

The attackers continued chasing him and he was struck once more.

Minutes later other metro police officers arrived and shouted at their colleagues. Two attackers were arrested.

Kruger suffered several lacerations and still has to undergo scans.

“On the top of my head‚ they completely sliced my head open from the front to the back.”

TMPD spokesperson Isaac Mahamba urged Kruger to report the incident.

Kruger intends to sue the TMPD.