10-year-old 'burglar' shot by Kwanyamazane houseowner

13 August 2017 - 10:21 By Naledi Shange
Gun. File photo
Gun. File photo
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The girl had allegedly sneaked into the house with an eight-year-old boy through a small window‚ said Colonel Mtsholi Bhembe.

"When police arrived at the scene they found the complainant‚ who is the owner of the house and he pointed to two minors right inside the house‚" said Bhembe.

The man claimed to have heard a noise inside his house as he slept in his bedroom.

"He then got up to investigate and upon opening his bedroom door‚ he saw that the light at the sitting room was switched on. He then took his pistol‚ went out of his bedroom whereupon he then saw a shadow and he fired two shots‚" said Bhembe.

"He alleged that he then heard a voice of a minor saying 'don't kill me'. He then switched on the light and saw the two minors [and] he asked them what were they doing inside his house and wondered how they had gained entry."

The girl was bleeding. She had been shot in the arm.

"It was established that the children are staying at another section of the township approximately 5km away from the scene‚" said Bhembe.

A case of attempted murder was opened against the homeowner.

The children face charges of housebreaking.

The boy was handed over to his parents while the girl remains in hospital.