From a torrent to trickle: Guzzlers' water supply throttled

16 August 2017 - 18:49
By Dave Chambers
Image: iStock

Two of Cape Town’s biggest water wasters became the first to have their supply restricted on Wednesday.

Water management devices were installed at houses in Constantia and Claremont where water use has ranged between 60 000 and 120 000 litres a month — equivalent to between between 2 000 and 3 300 litres a day.

They are now restricted to 350 litres a day‚ the amount four-person households have been told is adequate amid a crippling drought and the toughest water restrictions the city has seen.

To add insult to injury‚ they will be charged R4 700 for the device.

Mayor Patricia de Lille said more devices would be fitted every day over the next few weeks at homes “where high consumption cannot be justified or has not been rectified despite warnings”.

She added: “During July and August‚ the city sent letters to approximately 21 500 households warning them that if their excessive use was not corrected and justified‚ we would be installing water management devices.

“Devices will be installed at properties where more than seven working days have been allowed for action to be taken by the customer.”

Only 281 households had written back saying they had more than four people on their property and required an allocation higher than 350 litres a day. “These requests will be evaluated by the water inspectorate‚” said De Lille.

“We have issued more than enough warnings and pleaded with residents to reduce consumption‚ but there are still too many people who continue to flout water restrictions.”