WATCH: International mountaineer Sean Wisedale in guard hut rage incident

22 September 2017 - 13:00 By Suthentira Govender And Jeff Wicks

Acclaimed mountaineer Sean Wisedale used his 4X4 to rip a wooden guard hut from its base and dragged it several hundred meters on a quiet Umdloti back road – in a fit of rage aimed at the “illegal” structure. 

He appeared in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court this week on charges of malicious damage to property.

But the fiery Wisedale - who became the first South African to climb the highest mountain on each of the globe's seven continents - said that he didn’t maliciously destroy anything‚ and that the placement of the hut was inherently illegal. 

This was not the first time the motivational speaker and film-maker has been caught up in scandal‚ as he courted controversy in 2013 when he drove his 4x4 repeatedly into his neighbour’s gate during a late night party.

The din had upset Wisedale‚ who had recently returned from scaling Russia’s Mount Elbrus. 

After obliterating the gate‚ he reportedly urinated on the thwarted pile of iron. He subsequently apologised to his neighbours and criminal charges brought against him were withdrawn. 

On his latest dramatic encounter‚ Wisedale said that the hut would do little to combat crime if an unarmed resident could simply tow it away.

His antics were captured the CCTV of a complex on Bellamont Road and form the basis of the police investigation.

“For the record‚ the moving of the security hut from where it was illegally positioned on public land was not unlawful. And it was not maliciously destroyed‚” Wisedale told TimesLIVE. 

Wisedale described the erection of the hut as radical and unilateral. 

“It was done without following the proper community participation process. Simply put‚ a security company began to control access to our public road by setting up a checkpoint with the view to installing a boom gate. It has altered the status quo of the security in our neighbourhood overnight.

“I am not afraid of controversy. I am not afraid to stand up for a cause for which I believe needs attention‚ no matter how unpopular it makes me. Especially when it comes to drawing attention to unlawful acts that impinge on my circle of control. Unfortunately‚ I am also fiery and can be seriously undiplomatic when provoked‚” Wisedale added. 

He said he would work with all stakeholders affected in this matter‚ volunteering his time and experience to find a long term solution. 

Wisedale was released on R500 bail and will appear again in court next month.