UJ’s new online degree programmes at forefront of innovation

Three new programmes are designed to accommodate working professionals’ lifestyle demands

10 October 2017 - 06:20
Looking ahead: the new degree programmes fit a professional's busy schedule.
Looking ahead: the new degree programmes fit a professional's busy schedule.
Image: Supplied/UJ

Reimagine your future with three new, completely online degree programmes at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) – a Master of Public Health, a Master of Public Management and Governance, and a Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

These programmes are the first of their kind at UJ and are designed to fully support online students through technology and online collaboration with peers and academic staff. All programmes comprise 180 credits and can be completed in two years. The format is built on seven-week modules offered 100% online, with the opportunity for students to determine their own pace and pay per module.

UJ offers the Master of Public Health programme for R195 per credit, the Master of Public Management and Governance (MPMG) programme for R338 per credit, and the Master of Education (MEd) in ICT programme for R158 per credit.

These online programmes are designed to accommodate the lifestyle demands of working professionals.

UJ is now enrolling the first student cohort for January 2018. Benefits include:

  • No travel required
  • Six start dates per year
  • Pay per module
  • No face-to-face sessions
  • Fully supported, interactive learning
  • Study at your own pace
  • Work while learning

The Master of Public Health programme aims to empower health professionals to analyse, strategise and offer solutions to public health challenges in South Africa and around the globe.

The MPMG programme provides analytical and management competencies at a master’s level to perform advanced tasks in the professional sector.

The MEd in ICT programme teaches students to design and develop technological and digital learning environments and interventions to help shape the future of education in South Africa and beyond.

These master’s level programmes are aimed at community leaders whose interests involve developing a better South Africa. Are you such a person? Enrol now for one of these programmes and reimagine the future for yourself and those around you.

Before you get started, here are common questions about UJ’s online degree programmes:

What programmes are available online?

At present, UJ offers three 180-credit master’s degree programmes: Master of Public Health, Master of Public Management and Governance, and Master of Education in ICT. All are delivered 100% online.

Do the online programmes require travel or contact sessions?

No travel or contact sessions are required. Students can complete each consecutive module, leading to degree completion, completely online. This allows the flexibility to study at times best suited to individual schedules and enables students to balance work, studies and other responsibilities. Once enrolled, students can access the modules at any time via a laptop or other digital device and an internet connection from home, work or other convenient locations.

Do the online programmes include support from academic staff and interaction with other students?

Yes! Students are not isolated while completing their studies. In fact, the online programmes are designed to be a highly interactive learning environment. While immersed in their studies, students can share their perspectives and participate in topical discussions with a cohort of peer students. Academic staff are fully supportive and available for questions while providing assignments and guiding instruction using various technologies. Students can experience both the rigour and rewards of a university degree without setting foot on the campus.

Is technology support available to students?

Yes, technology support is included in the programmes. To make progressing through their programmes easier, students are instructed in how to access and use the online portal as part of their first module.

What are the programme start dates?

The UJ online programmes are uniquely organised to offer students multiple opportunities during the year to start their degree. Instead of a typical academic schedule of two semesters or enrolment periods per year, the online programmes begin six times per year on a revolving schedule. Not having to wait until the start of the next semester allows students to move through their programmes more quickly and efficiently on a schedule most suited to them.

What is the application process? 

Getting started is easy and there is no application fee. After checking the admission requirements for the selected programme to ensure they meet the qualifications, prospective students can apply online by visiting online.uj.ac.za.

How do I get more information?

Visit online.uj.ac.za today for more information. You may also email enquiries@online.uj.ac.za or phone 0800 980 364 (toll free).

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