McKinsey can do more to make amends: FutureSA

17 October 2017 - 19:33 By Timeslive
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File photo.
File photo.
Image: Reuters

Future South Africa has welcomed the statement from management consultancy McKinsey acknowledging its role in the malfeasance at Eskom.

However‚ it said this came a little too late.

In its statement issued earlier on Tuesday‚ McKinsey said its findings from its internal investigation were that it had never served the Gupta family nor any companies publicly linked to the Gupta family.

McKinsey said it never had a contract or supplier development partnership with Trillian‚ although it did work alongside Trillian for several months at Eskom.

It said McKinsey had never made payments directly or indirectly to secure contracts‚ nor had it aided others in doing so. McKinsey also said it did not introduce Trillian to Eskom nor vice versa.

It also said it had not made payments to Trillian.

Dominic Barton‚ the firm’s global managing partner‚ said: “We are sorry for the distress this matter has caused the people of South Africa‚ our clients‚ colleagues‚ alumni‚ and others.”

In a statement‚ Future South Africa said McKinsey had finally reached conclusions that South Africans came to a few months ago through compelling evidence by whistleblowers‚ the media and civil society.

“Despite its internal report which tries to justify its involvement in the Eskom saga as legitimate‚ in the eyes of South Africans‚ the company still stands accused of criminal complicity in the capture of our state by powerful business interests colluding with prominent political leaders and public sector officials.”

Future SA said it reiterated the views of Corruption Watch that there should be an independent investigation into the matter‚ and that McKinsey should cooperate with the investigation.

“It should also proactively cooperate with the parliamentary inquiry into Eskom‚ and not wait to be summoned.”

It said McKinsey must help authorities investigate the conduct of its employees or former employees on the ESKOM contract.

“It’s not for McKinsey to tell South Africa that nothing unlawful happened. It’s for the authorities to do so.”

The organisation said aside from the allegedly corrupt manner in which McKinsey secured its engagement with Eskom‚ the South African public remained outraged at the unconscionable fee of R1.6bn that McKinsey had levied for a six-month contract.

“McKinsey must proactively act to return Eskom monies to the fiscus and not merely wait for court action.“

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