Number of murders has increased

24 October 2017 - 10:43 By Bianca Capazorio

The number of murders committed in 2016/17 increased 1.8% year-on-year‚ even though contact crimes as a broad category saw a drop of 2.4%.

Releasing the crime statistics in parliament today‚ SAPS head of statistics Norman Sekhukhune said that 19‚016 murders were reported in the past year‚ up from 18‚673 in the previous year‚ while 608‚321 cases of contact crime were reported in 2016/17.

Murder increased in four of the nine provinces – KwaZulu-Natal (2.2%)‚ Western Cape (2.7%)‚ Gauteng (6.7%) and Mpumalanga (11.1%).

Image: Institute for Security Studies

Limpopo saw the biggest percentage decrease in murders at 9.5%‚ from 898 murders in 2015/16 to 813.

With 4‚014 murders‚ KwaZulu-Natal had the highest number of murders‚ followed by Gauteng with 4‚101‚ Western Cape with 3‚311 and Eastern Cape with 3‚628.

However‚ expressed as a ratio of murders per 100‚000 population‚ Eastern Cape had the highest murder rate – 55.9.

Expressed as a ratio‚ Limpopo has the lowest murder rate‚ with 14.2 murders per 100‚000 population.

Attempted murder increased marginally by 0.4%.

Common robbery saw a decrease of 1.3%‚ but aggravated robbery saw a large increase of 6.4%.

Sexual offences were reduced by 4.3%‚ and common assault was reduced by 5.2%.