Here's what black South Africans always wanted to ask white people

27 October 2017 - 14:11 By Kgaugelo Masweneng
Why do white South Africans get so excited when 'Sweet Caroline' plays?
Why do white South Africans get so excited when 'Sweet Caroline' plays?
Image: 123RF/Cathy Yeulet

Ever wondered why white South Africans walk barefoot in public‚ only clap when singing in church‚ love haunted houses and go bananas when they hear the song Sweet Caroline?

The answer to these and a rapidly growing thread of hilarious questions that have united people of all races across the country can be found on a Facebook post by Joburger

The post‚ that by noon on Friday had nearly 4 000 comments‚ is the perfect antidote to a week of political shenanigans and gloomy news about the state of the country’s economy.

The post reads: “Okay black people ... ask white people one question you always wanted to know.”

Here is a tiny sample of those questions to whet your appetite.

Jont Schoeman had this to say about the Neil Diamond song: “It's a psychological anchor that probably started decades ago. At some point a bunch of white people were drunk having a good time then the song played. Then it happened one or two times …. Then some other white people were around these people when the song played and they saw how happy the original people were which made them happy and perhaps this happened once or twice again creating an anchor for these people‚ and then this process repeated until millions of white people went crazy when drunk and hearing this song.”

Bongani Rapoo chipped in: “Lawwwwwd ... I'm not gonna lie ... that song is bomb‚ no wonder white folk always happy ... how can u be angry listening to Sweet Caroline on your way to work.”

Mindy Fulcher Tarpley replied: “I remember going to my first all-black funeral here in the south for an old gentleman and it was like a three-hour church service with dancing and hollering and some damn good music and singing.”

Arné Combrinck recalled how a woman's dog “drank my coffee (it was next to the couch) and she said: ‘Don't worry‚ my dogs are clean‚ you can drink it’.”

Johan Kruger replied: “Cause my mom like her pets more than me.”

Roy Pearson had the answer: “You got it backwards ... RICE CAKES ARE THE PUNISHMENT!!”

Music was a hot topic on the thread.

Flippie Dolfie de Beer shared his thoughts: “I honestly don’t know man‚ when we get drunk that song gets us hyped af.”

“Land? What land? The government dictates what we can or can’t buy - plus we pay them to be able to buy the land! Also - government owns more land than the rest of the population put together! Tell the government to ‘give back the land’!” Rainer Schulz replied.

Gavin Marks summed up the happy vibe: