WATCH | 'Free booze' as Capetonians loot beer truck

29 November 2017 - 10:50 By Petru Saal

Booze-loving Capetonians thought Christmas came early this year when an SA Breweries truck lost its load southeast of the city centre‚ on Wednesday morning.

Nearby residents rapidly began stripping the truck of its cargo‚ running off with crates of beer and calling bystanders to do the same.

The road was flooded with beer as bottles broke when the truck lost its load.

City of Cape Town traffic spokesperson Maxine Bezuidenhoudt said a quick response from the driver‚ who alerted a security company to secure the scene‚ ensured that not the entire stock was removed from the scene.

On-scene officers reported minimal traffic disruption.

“At 6.15am on Wednesday morning an SAB truck overturned at Wetton Circle. Traffic was not that much affected. The traffic circle was closed until 7am‚” said Bezuidenhoudt. “The cleaning team came at 6.35am to clean up the debris on the road. The road has been cleaned and cleared.”

No injuries were reported.