WATCH | Robbers blow up ATM in Orange Farm BP

10 January 2018 - 11:22 By Timeslive

CCTV footage of an ATM bombing has been circulating on social media. The incident happened on January 4 in Orange Farm.

Four armed men have been captured on CCTV blowing up an ATM in Orange Farm near Johannesburg in the early hours of last Thursday.

According to reports the balaclava-sporting robbers rushed the BP garage, forcing staff into a back room at gunpoint.

The footage, shared by Intelligence Bureau on Facebook, shows the robbers attacking what appears to be the vault door behind an ATM with crowbars for at least a minute.

One of the men then inserts what appears to be dynamite into an opeing they had made. He lights a fuse before hurrying out of the camera's view.

Seconds later, the bomb explodes. 

News24 quoted police spokesperson Captain Fikile Funda as saying that another ATM outside the garage was also blown up.

An undisclosed amount of money was taken. 

Police officers in the vicinity noticed the smoke from the bombing, Funda said, but came under fire when the arrived.

No injuries were reported.