LISTEN | Chilling call before death of 'Steroid King’

WARNING: Strong language. Not for sensitive listeners.

12 February 2018 - 13:40 By Aron Hyman

A recorded phone call allegedly between Mark Lifman and Interpol fugitive Brian Wainstein took place the day before Wainstein (also known as the “Steroid King”) was murdered in Cape Town in August.

“If I see you‚ I will destroy you. Do you understand me?”

These were the last words uttered by Interpol fugitive Brian Wainstein in a threatening telephone conversation a day before he was murdered at his home in Constantia‚ Cape Town.

Irish-born Wainstein‚ also known as the “Steroid King” was killed while lying in bed with his fiancée and child last year. He had been living in Cape Town while fighting extradition for allegedly flooding the US with steroids.

A recording of this telephone conversation was played in court during the bail application of five men implicated in an alleged extortion syndicate‚ who believe it may shed light on events leading up to the murder.

The recording was produced by a team of lawyers defending alleged extortion boss Nafiz Modack who had started taking over security of clubs in Cape Town formerly controlled by businessman Mark Lifman and his associates - alleged Sexy Boys gang boss Jerome “Donkie” Booysen‚ and bouncer André Naudé.

Wainstein had‚ the lawyers argued‚ irked Lifman by working with Modack.

The recording is allegedly of a conversation between Wainstein’s driver and a man purported to be Lifman. It appeared that Wainstein had discovered that there was a price on his head and wanted to know who ordered it.

The discussion becomes heated‚ replete with insults and threats‚ when Wainstein‚ who appeared to have been listening to the call on a loudspeaker in the background‚ interjected and hurled insults at the caller.

Lifman was arrested on a charge of pointing a firearm last week but he was released on Friday after charges were dropped.

Modack‚ along with Colin Booysen‚ Ashley Fields‚ Jacques Cronjé‚ and Carl Lakay‚ are expected to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Monday for the finalisation of their bail hearing.