#RandburgHeist - What to do when robbers strike

07 March 2018 - 10:45 By Staff Reporter

The random and violent nature of cash-in-transit heists in public spaces‚ which shocked Joburgers this week when robbers struck near Multichoice‚ highlights not only the scourge of attacks taking place but also how to stay safe - and how you can help catch the shooters.

Mark Barrett‚ group CEO of security company SBV Services‚ said while his staff were not directly involved in the alleged cash-in-transit heist and attack in Randburg yesterday‚ he was "appalled at the ongoing attacks as well as the violent nature of the crime that is having an impact on the cash services sector and on South Africa’s society at large".

"We will continue to work with the authorities and the cash industry members to ensure that the individuals that are responsible for these attacks are brought to justice.”

He offered these safety tips to members of the public who witness cash-in-transit (CIT) crimes‚ while asking witnesses to help authorities apprehend the suspects:

- If you witness a CIT heist‚ get to a place of safety as quickly as possible and never place your own wellbeing at risk. Try to remain calm and do not get involved

- Immediately notify the authorities. Call the SAPS on 10111.

- Be observant and try to take note of what the persons involved are wearing‚ the colour of the car that they are using and license plate number.

- Try to write down what you have seen so that you can remember it better.

- Be aware of the symptoms of shock such as a clammy skin‚ feelings of anxiety‚ panic attacks and shallow breathing. Get counselling if you need to.

He concluded: "Help us keep South Africa safe. Whether it’s an early warning or information about a past heist‚ blow the whistle and contact the SAPS."