Zuma’s legal team set to target NPA boss Shaun Abrahams

The tables seem to have turned on the former president's 'sheep'

22 March 2018 - 07:00 By Karyn Maughan
NPA head Shaun Abrahams
NPA head Shaun Abrahams
Image: Simon Mathebula

Former president Jacob Zuma's legal team will focus their legal attack on the decision to prosecute him for corruption firmly on national director of public prosecutions Shaun Abrahams – and will argue that he did not “properly apply his mind” when he dismissed Zuma’s argument that the case should be dropped.  

Ironically, Abrahams – who has been repeatedly forced to defend himself against allegations that he is Zuma’s puppet and a “sheep” – will face accusations that he did not give proper consideration to Zuma’s concerns about the state’s conduct towards him. 

“We are giving consideration to the one-page and somewhat terse response received from the national director of public prosecutions wherein he has advised that the representations made on behalf of Mr Jacob Zuma are unsuccessful,” Zuma’s lawyer, Michael Hulley, said in a statement at the weekend. 

“The rationale for this decision is not clearly apparent from the communication, nor is the basis for the refusal,” he added. 

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