Poor Joburgers may get extra rebate amid row over high property valuations

05 April 2018 - 14:15 By Timeslive
Herman Mashaba
Herman Mashaba
Image: Sunday Times

The City of Johannesburg is discussing possible relief measures - particularly for poor homeowners - following the recent increases in property valuations.

The deadline for objections to the valuations is on Friday.

Mayor Herman Mashaba said in a statement on Thursday that the multi-party metro will propose a change in the tariff policy in May to increase the residential property rebate from R200‚000 to R350‚000 for all residential property‚ subject to Council approval.

"This will reduce the percentage increase felt by our residents in rates payable when the new 2018 General Valuations (GV) Roll comes into effect in July 2018. This will mean that no residential property owner will pay rates on the first R350‚000 of their property valuation.

"...The impact of the new GV means that residents would be hit with significant increases arising from 5 years of property value increases in one month. As a part of the public consultation process that informs the budget development‚ the reaction to the 2018 GV must be considered.

"...The move to increase the universal property rebate will soften the impact of the new GV by increasing the value of the residential property which is exempt from rates. Simultaneously it will provide relief to poor households which will be entirely exempt from residential property rates for properties valued at less than R350‚000."