WATCH | Malema’s speech at Winnie’s funeral inspires new hip-hop song

18 April 2018 - 15:13
By Penwell Dlamini

A speech delivered by Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema at Mama Winnie’s funeral has served as the inspiration for a new hip-hop single titled Signal (Mama).

This is a very deep and profound song in which Jovislash reminisces about his late grandma and pays homage to her.

The song was inspired by the provocative speech delivered by Malema at the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s funeral on April 14.

The mid-tempo hip-hop tune tells the sad story of the mother who died‚ leaving her children struggling.

Jovislash asks whether his “mama” can still hear him.

Malema’s inadvertent contribution to the song is quite interesting. He is mostly just heard saying “Mama” as the rapper relates his story at certain intervals.

Jovislash then requests his grandmother to come back as she left him with questions and Malema can be heard saying “I’m waiting for a signal’.

The rapper then calls for his “mama” to come back because life on earth is very tough.

“Mama‚ please give me a signal. In this house since you left‚ we don’t have money. You took care of us with a minimum wage‚ now this house doesn’t feel like a home anymore‚ it’s a cage.”

He then tells of the real trouble that he is facing at home.

“Roaches are in the cupboard and we have no money for Doom. One of my aunts tried to take the house from us but you left the will. That was a wise move. It is as if you knew what was going to happen‚” Jovislash raps in the song.

The rapper said he was touched by Malema’s moving speech during Mama Winnie’s funeral‚ reminding him of the mama he had lost.

“I was touched by Julius Malema’s speech at Mama Winnie Mandela’s funeral. It reminded me of my late grandmother‚ I also had so many questions I wanted to ask her and I needed a signal. It was a really touching and a sad situation. My grandmother died of cancer‚” said Jovislash.