WATCH | Baby elephant valiantly tries fighting off a pride of hungry lions

Warning: graphic content not for sensitive viewers

18 April 2018 - 11:00 By Timeslive

Can a baby elephant emerge victorious against a pride of hungry lions?

Cynthia Mack was visiting the Hwange National Park when they came across a lone baby elephant limping towards a waterhole. 

"It was a sweltering day and we knew he would be heading for the waterhole to quench his thirst," Mack told "We also knew there were three young lions on a nearby mound not far off."

The three young lions soon notice the injured elephant and moved in for the kill. 

"The elephant saw the one lion approaching him and he trumpeted but the lion came at the elephant and simply jumped on him and knocked him to the ground because of that infected knee. No matter how hard the he tried to roll himself back upright, he just couldn't succeed," Mack said.

At one point a big bull elephant seemed to come to the rescue, but the lions scare him off leaving the little elephant to its inevitable fate.

"Don't flee at the first sight of the kill," Mack said, "while it may be hard to watch it is part of the bush experience, appreciate the sighting and learn from it."