SAfm to probe insult against popular host

21 April 2018 - 14:06
By Suthentira Govender
Michelle Constant.
Image: Michelle Constant.

SABC radio station SAfm will investigate a derogatory remark made to weekend breakfast show host Michelle Constant.

Constant‚ the host of Jet Set Breakfast‚ mentioned the incident during her Saturday morning show.

The context of the remark has not been established‚ however it is understood that a listener wrote to Constant referring to her as a “s**t”.
The SABC confirmed that it would investigate the incident.

A fan‚ who took umbrage‚ called for the listener who made the remark to apologise on live radio.

"He has to identify himself and the area in which he resides. I am completely staggered‚" the fan posted to Constant's Twitter page.

In response to the post‚ Constant said: "I was also staggered. But we move forward. #belikewater."