Security guards pour cold water over claims that Karabo Mokoena was suicidal

26 April 2018 - 13:46
By Naledi Shange
Murder accused 27-year-old Sandile Mantsoe. File photo
Image: Gallo Images / Sunday World / Veli Nhlapo Murder accused 27-year-old Sandile Mantsoe. File photo

Two security officers have refuted claims they had seen evidence that Sandile Mantsoe’s girlfriend Karabo Mokoena had allegedly tried to commit suicide.

In a High Court sitting in Johannesburg on Thursday‚ Lucky Nongoko said he recalled one incident where Mantsoe had come to the security officers' control room‚ saying he needed help opening his apartment door.

According to Nongoko‚ Mantsoe told him that Mokoena had locked herself in his apartment and was refusing to open.

Nongoko told the court he accompanied Mantsoe to his apartment and on his way there‚ they bumped into another security officer who was about to start his shift. Nongoko was about to knock off. The two officers accompanied Mantsoe to his apartment but the other officer was soon called to respond to another incident. He left Nongoko to attend to Mantsoe.

Nongoko said he opened Mantsoe’s apartment door. They went in and found Mokoena asleep on Mantsoe’s bed. She said she had not heard Mantsoe knock as she was fast asleep‚ said Nongoko.

He told the court he did not see any pills around Mokoena.

This came as a blow to Mantsoe’s case‚ who had portrayed Mokoena as highly suicidal.

His version was that he had once had to call security officials to assist him in opening his apartment door as Mokoena had locked herself inside‚ trying to commit suicide. Mantsoe claimed that when they opened the apartment‚ they found Mokoena on the floor‚ with tablets all around her.

Besides this "overdose incident"‚ Mantsoe claimed that Mokoena had crashed his Mercedes Benz as she tried to end her life.

He claimed that she had been distraught after bumping into a man who had raped her. Mantsoe further claimed that Mokoena had cut herself in front of his sister‚ Bontle.

The 28-year-old forex trader is currently on trial for Mokoena's murder. He has denied killing her‚ stating instead that she committed suicide by stabbing herself in the neck on April 28 2017.

He claimed to have left her in the apartment while he attended a meeting and later returned to find her dead on the carpet. Out of worry that he would be blamed for her death‚ he disposed of her body‚ Mantsoe said.

The married father of three‚ who is estranged from his wife‚ said he drenched Mokoena's body in pool acid and petrol‚ and placed a tyre around her body before setting her alight.

One police officer has testified that Mantsoe had said Mokoena needed to die to break a blood ritual that they had entered into in order to boost his business dealings.

The officer said that Mantsoe claimed his business had begun to suffer as a result of the two of them splitting up. In order to fix this‚ a sacrifice had to be made and this sacrifice was Mokoena‚ the court heard.

Mantsoe has denied these allegations.