N2 freeway in Cape Town reopened after protests

01 May 2018 - 16:21 By Aaron Hyman

The N2 freeway in Cape Town has been reopened after having to be closed earlier on Tuesday because of protests.

The sporadic protests near Macassar‚ just outside Cape Town‚ resulted in massive traffic delays for commuters returning after the long weekend.

Small groups of about 30 protesters had managed to bring the N2 freeway to a standstill on Tuesday morning‚ blocking roads with burning debris.

Public order police units as well as Cape Town's law enforcement personnel were deployed to the area‚ along with fire services‚ to remove rubble and disperse the crowd.

City of Cape Town traffic services spokesperson Maxine Jordaan said that motorists had to be diverted by traffic officials.

She said that the N2 had to be closed in both directions at the Shell garage between Macassar and Baden Powel drive after protest action flared again in the Macassar area.

On Monday fire engines had to be escorted by police to the municipal offices in Macassar which had been set on fire by protesters.