New online system to pay Cape Town traffic fines

07 May 2018 - 12:49 By Nora Shelly
A police officer giving a traffic fine. File photo.
A police officer giving a traffic fine. File photo.
Image: Times LIVE

Cape Town is taking the headache out of paying traffic fines with a new online system.

Motorists whose fines have progressed to warrants of arrest are now able to pay them on‚ rather than sending a cheque through the mail or paying in person. To use the site‚ motorists will have to register‚ then agree to an admission of guilt form. After paying‚ the city will send a receipt and a warrant recall form directly to their email.

JP Smith‚ the city’s mayoral committee member for safety and security‚ said Cape Town will be sending out SMS and email messages to those with outstanding fines to notify them of the online system.

“This is a massive step towards increased service delivery and makes things a lot more convenient for offenders who are trying to do the right thing by paying their fines‚ including those residing outside of Cape Town‚” he said.

Smith encouraged those with outstanding fines to pay through the online system‚ noting that it will help them avoid any “unpleasant surprises” when stopped at a roadblock. The warrant recall form can be used as proof for motorists stopped at a roadblock that the warrant has been revoked.