Hospital sends condolences to family of murdered patient

15 May 2018 - 11:08 By Penwell Dlamini
Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital. File photo.
Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital. File photo.
Image: Katherine Muick © Sunday Times.

The management of the Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital in Soweto has sent condolences to the family of the patient who was killed by another patient at the hospital.

On Saturday‚ a patient was admitted in the same ward with Piet Ntsanwisi and he attacked him and another patient with a drip stand. Ntsanwisi died from the attack.

“The Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital management is saddened by the passing of Mr Ntsanwisi and wishes to extend its deepest condolences to his family‚” said the hospital management.

“The hospital has since reported this unfortunate incident to the South African Police Services. This has never happened before in our facility. We are shocked by the incident and I would like to take this opportunity to also rectify false reports that the alleged perpetrator is a psychiatric patient.

“In fact the patient had no record of psychiatry disorder nowhere are there any signs of hostile behaviour shown by the patient prior to the incident‚” said the acting hospital CEO Dr Sifiso Maseko.

Maseko said both staff members and patients received counselling and the hospital management also visited the Ntsanwisi family to offer condolences.