WATCH | Quick-thinking driver outwits armed robbers

11 June 2018 - 13:41
By TimesLIVE

A quick-thinking driver put a stop to an attempted robbery before it could even happen.

CCTV footage that was shared to social media catches the moment the gang's vehicle screeches to a halt on a busy road. Their intended target wastes no time, making a quick u-turn to escape. He is already seen speeding back down the road as the hapless criminals leap out of their vehicle and try to chase him down, waving their guns in the air.

The getaway vehicle does a much slower u-turn as the driver struggles to corral the rest of the gang. Eventually they all get into the vehicle and take off.

The incident reportedly happened on Church Street in Amalgam, Johannesburg last week Tuesday. It is unclear if any shots were fired during the incident.