SPCA lays charges following shocking seal abuse video

Warning: Graphic content - not for sensitive viewers

12 June 2018 - 18:33 By Heraldlive

The SPCA has laid charges against two men allegedly involved in the horrific abuse of a Cape Fur seal pup caught on camera.

SPCA chairwoman Colette Mang said on Tuesday afternoon that with the help of “concerned citizens”‚ they had been able to identify the man who allegedly attacked the seal as well as the man filming the disturbing two-minute clip.

“We‚ as were many of the public who saw the video on social media‚ were sickened at this blatant display of cruelty. On further investigation and with the help of concerned citizens we were able to identify the [alleged] perpetrator‚” Mang said.

As a result the SPCA had been able to gather enough evidence to lay charges in terms of the Animal Protection Act 71 of 1962 against the man allegedly seen in the video abusing the seal.

Charges had also been laid against the man who allegedly filmed the appalling scene.

The footage‚ which caused outrage on social media‚ shows the seal trapped in a compartment on the boat's deck.

As it tries to escape it is stabbed and beaten.

The fishermen then grab the pup by the neck and throw it against the boat’s deck.

Before the video ends‚ the man holds the seal over the ledge of the boat before swinging it over his head and then smashing it back onto the deck of the boat.

Mang said that while the charges against one of the alleged perpetrators were “obvious as he can be seen beating and hitting the baby seal”‚ the other alleged perpetrator was as guilty in terms of the Act as he had done nothing to stop the violent abuse.

She added that the organisation was confident justice would be served.

“In a further bid to strengthen our case we ask that members of the public to go to their local police station and make a statement‚ signed and stamped by the police‚ that requests of the court that the highest possible penalty is imposed at sentencing‚” she said.

“It is imperative that this original copy is then posted to us for use during proceedings. Help us get justice for this poor animal. We do not know what the fate of the seal was as it seems that the scene was filmed in December.”

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