Hitchhikers shoot businessman in the face

01 August 2018 - 14:10 By Bhongo Jacob
An East London businessman killed by hitchhikers.
An East London businessman killed by hitchhikers.
Image: 123rf/ tussik13

An East London businessman was shot dead in his truck on Black Road on Wednesday morning.

According to his employee‚ the businessman‚ whose name has not yet been released by police‚ was shot twice in the face and upper body by someone to whom he had given a lift.

The employee told DispatchLIVE that he was travelling with the businessman when they were approached by two men seeking a lift to the East London market.

"Being the good man that my boss is‚ he stopped and gave those guys a lift because they were standing on the side of the road hitchhiking."

Barely a minute later‚ the two gunmen told the businessman to stop his truck. "They knocked on the window with their guns‚ but my boss would not stop. They shot him twice on his chin and upper body."

East London police spokesperson Hazel Mqala confirmed the shooting had occurred and that they would comment after they had completed their forensic investigations.

- DispatchLIVE