Dead author had 'further evidence' on apartheid paedophile claims: publisher

14 August 2018 - 22:02 By TIMESLIVE
Mark Minnie. File Photo.
Mark Minnie. File Photo.
Image: Facebook/Mark Minnie

Ex-cop and writer Mark Minnie – who co-authored the controversial ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’, which investigated an apartheid-era paedophilia ring – had planned to reveal much more, his publishers said on Tuesday.

Tafelberg Publishers made the comment after Minnie was found dead after an apparent suicide in Port Elizabeth on Monday. His death came a week after the book was published.

The publishing house said there was no indication that he would harm himself, even though he had been out of reach since Monday morning via cellphone or email.

“He was excited about the publication of the book and the disclosure of allegations which, according to him, had been covered up for thirty years. He said that the book was ‘only the beginning’ of the process to have justice prevail for the victims whose stories are told in the book.

“Minnie told Tafelberg that he had successfully followed up several leads in Port Elizabeth during the past week and was determined to reveal further evidence. He was also looking forward to Cape Town’s Open Book Festival where he, together with his co-author Chris Steyn and journalist Marianne Thamm, was going to discuss the book,” the publishers said in the statement.

Speaking through Tafelberg, Steyn said she was shattered by Minnie’s unexpected death and stood by every word in the book. 

“Mark said it was our task to have justice prevail for the victims. He would have wanted me to continue and that is exactly what I’ll be doing,” she said.