Business fallouts & social blackout: The downfall of #AdamCatzavelos

23 August 2018 - 12:41 By Jessica Levitt
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Adam Catzavelos used the 'k-word' while on holiday in Greece.
Adam Catzavelos used the 'k-word' while on holiday in Greece.
Image: Via Twitter/@MbuyiseniNdlozi

Furore continues to surround Adam Catzavelos, the man who filmed a racist video rant while holidaying in Greece. He was celebrating the fact that no black people were on the beach and used the k-word.

Since the video emerged, Catzavelos has been engulfed by public outrage and calls for action to be taken against him.

Here's a timeline of what happened.

The video emerges

On Tuesday afternoon a video of a man (who was only later identified as Adam Catzavelos) emerged on social media. It soon spread and calls were made for the man to be publicly named and shamed.

Twitter FBI launches manhunt

Twitter detectives got to work and soon enough the man's identity, place of work, his wife's name and place of work and cellphone number were available online.


While the Catzavelos family and Adam himself remained mum in the wake of the video, Twitter united in calls for action to be taken.

Nike leads the way

Nike, the company that Catzavelos's wife allegedly works for, was the first company to distances itself from the racist video. 

Catzavelos family fallout

Catzavelos is the marketing director at St. George's Fine Foods, a family run business based in Johannesburg. His family broke their silence and condoned his actions.

"Adam Catzavelos has been dismissed with immediate effect from the family business, St. George's Fine Foods,  and his minority shareholding will be unwound as soon as practically possible," read part of the statement.

Bad business

Despite the move by the family business, Twitter started calling out other businesses associated with the company. Several companies which use the St. George's Fine Food's basting on their product confirmed they would be cutting ties with the company. The Baron Group of restaurants said it had terminated its business with St. George's Fine Foods with immediate effect. Another client, the Butcher Boys, also confirmed it would not be using a "critical product" usually supplied by St. George's Fine Foods.

Criminal case

The EFF opened a criminal case of racism at the Bramely police station on Wednesday. The incident was also referred to the South African Human Rights Commission, which confirmed it would be investigating the case.

School ban

The school that Catzavelos's children go to issued a notice confirming he had been banned from school premises "until further notice."

Family scramble as Adam remains mum

The Catzavelos family on Wednesday issued a second statement where it was confirmed that settlement negotiations were underway to unwind all business dealings from the man behind the racist video. The family said it "cannot speak for Adam, who will need to face the consequences of his actions upon his return to South Africa."

The family again reiterated it did not condone racism and said its priority was ensuring the "safety of extended family, staff and associates," some of whom have allegedly been threatened and intimidated.

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