Nic Catzavelos has spoken out on his racist brother Adam - Here's what he said

27 August 2018 - 11:45 By Jessica Levitt
Nic Catzavelos has spoken about his brother Adam, who made a racist video which went viral.
Nic Catzavelos has spoken about his brother Adam, who made a racist video which went viral.
Image: Via Twitter/@MbuyiseniNdlozi

Nic Catzavelos, the older brother of Adam Catzavelos - the man who made a racist video after celebrating the fact that no black people were on a beach while using the k-word - has opened up about his family dynamics, his brother and the circumstances around the video.

Nic was speaking to Eusebius McKaiser on 702. He said that he is a very private person and the whole incident has shaken his family. He said he first heard about the video after his brother sent him a voicenote explaining what had happened. Nic said he didn't listen to the message at first because he was busy at work but after he got sent the video he was shocked.

He said he didn't believe it was somebody in the group that leaked the video, but rather that it was sent from one person to another person, all under the guise of it being shared by like-minded individuals, until it found its way to someone who did not agree with its content.

Here are powerful quotes from his interview on 702.


He (Adam) was in a total panic. I said 'send the video to me.' I hadn't seen it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I knew this was going to blow-up.

I was horrified. I was totally shocked. It's disturbing to say the least. It's not a word I hear often anymore.

He (Adam) doesn't sit around and discuss race. He doesn't come from a family of racists


My family has been ripped apart. My parents left for overseas yesterday and my father and I barely spoke.

My last conversation with Adam was on Saturday night. There was major conflict about me coming on here (702) and about this issue.

There are prejudices ingrained in me and I've had to look very deeply into myself about this. It's something I've worked on personally but I'm not perfect at it.

My wife and I took the decision to sit my children down and show them the video. They didn't know the word. They didn't understand.


My business doesn't exist anymore. Twenty years of business.

I have no anger towards my customers. My staff members are terrified.

I met my staff in a park and asked them if they'd seen the video. One person hadn't and I took him aside and showed him the video. I'm so embarrassed. 


Adam is still overseas

My brother is seven years younger than me. I wasn't here for his teenage years. I don't share common friendships with him. 

The video was sent to a WhatsApp group with four guys. I only know the one guy.

We (the family) didn't sit around using this language. 

Adam needs to look deeply within himself. The damage that has been done is undeniable. You can't be half racist. 


He (Adam) went on a hike four months ago with two mates. They were attacked on the top of the mountain. Boulders the size of my head were thrown at them while they were sleeping. He said 'I've had enough of this country' and used the word (the k-word).

I guess I was complicit in a sense. I said he needs to calm down and suggested he go for counselling. I can't remember (if he called him out on using the k-word after the hiking attack). I probably didn't.

You can't put a standard on every situation. I am a flawed human being. Sometimes you don't want to have the conversation. With that kind of anger or rage, you can't have a rationale conversation with somebody. 


Our history is bubbling all the time. There's no level of honesty. These things happen all the bloody time.

My wish is that white people take a good look at your privilege. Take responsibility for the past and present. Conversations need to start and be honest. In our own family and our own life... inside all of us is a past and we can't hide it.

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