Like you‚ I will survive‚ De Lille tells abused women

30 August 2018 - 16:59 By Dave Chambers
Patricia de Lille.
Patricia de Lille.
Image: Esa Alexander

Walking away from an abusive relationship is a sign of strength‚ Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille told 130 residents of women’s shelters on Thursday.

“Your bravery and determination are an inspiration to all Capetonians. I can understand that your journey has been very tough. But you are here because you are tougher‚” De Lille told the women at a “day of elegance” function to end women’s month.

“Like many of you here today‚ I too started a new journey this month when I announced my resignation as mayor of Cape Town.

“I would never want to make light of the struggle you have faced and the violence or trying circumstances you have endured. But I‚ too‚ decided enough is enough.

“Things will be tough in the future but it can never be as bad as it was. I am charged up and ready to take on my future.”

De Lille said the women at the function were building new lives with the support of the Western Cape Women’s Shelter Network. “Each one of you is a woman of fortitude‚” she said.

“Many of you endured abuse over a long period of time and I know that it seems like a mark of shame. That is why so many women and families hide abuse and pretend it’s not happening.

“Not speaking about it protects the abuser so the abuse continues like a vicious cycle. But you are all brave women who simply refused to accept that life. You love yourself and you did what was right for you.

“Many women stay in abusive relationships because they have forgotten what love is and what it means to love and respect themselves. Someone who hurts you doesn’t love you‚ and that is what more women must realise.

“Walking away from an abusive relationship is a sign of strength. It shows the world that you know your worth and your rights and that you will not allow anyone to walk all over you.

“The journey you have started is filled with possibilities.”