Naughty, naughty: Sex shop told to remove salacious advert - again

30 August 2018 - 06:00 By Nico Gous
Image: 123RF/gstockstudio

Sex might sell - but a sex shop has been ordered to remove a salacious advertisement for the second time after breaching a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Fiona Mavhinga complained last month about an advert displayed by Luvland on a roadside trailer at the corner of Witkoppen Road and Hyperion in Johannesburg.

Luvland describes itself on its website as “SA’s #1 Sex Shop”.

Mavhinga’s complaint was very similar to one lodged from several months ago.

In February‚ the ASA received complaints about an advert‚ which it described as a picture taken from behind of a model in black underwear showing her “from waist to knees only... holding what appeared to be a pink dildo in her left hand”.

Following the complaint‚ the ASA accepted Luvland’s undertaking to withdraw or change the advertisement.

Mavhinga‚ who was not part of the February matter‚ argued in her complaint that the advert was “grossly inappropriate” because a lot of children traveled in the area due to its close proximity to a number of primary and secondary schools.

The ASA investigated Mavhinga’s complaint and found it was the same advertisement they ruled in February that Luvland must remove.

“It would‚ therefore‚ appear that the advertising is still in use‚ despite the ruling ... The Respondent (Luvland) was given an opportunity to respond to the allegation by chose not to.”

The ASA is not considering extra sanctions against Luvland‚ but might do so in the future if they step over the line again.