'They are my children': Sowetans stand by foreigners

Desperate residents get foreign shop owners to safety, plead for peace as deadly violence spreads

31 August 2018 - 06:15
By Naledi Shange

A group of Soweto residents rallied around their foreign shopkeeper friends on Thursday, trying their utmost to protect them from becoming targets of the deadly violence that flared up in Gauteng’s biggest township this week.

While violence against foreign shop owners bubbled to the surface again on Wednesday, leaving at least three people dead, some Soweto residents pleaded for peace – for themselves and their foreign friends.

On Thursday, a day after the deadly looting, residents were hurriedly trying to get their Somali friends to safety. They helped them pack their belongings and loaded crates and boxes into a van and a taxi waiting to take them away from their home of the past 15 years, to a safer place.

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