WRAP: Parktown schoolboys describe being choked‚ grabbed by genitals

05 September 2018 - 16:14
By Ernest Mabuza
Former Parktown Boys’ High School boarding master Collan Rex allegedly strangled boys and described it as a bonding exercise.
Image: Gallo Images/ YouHuisgenoot Former Parktown Boys’ High School boarding master Collan Rex allegedly strangled boys and described it as a bonding exercise.

The High Court in Johannesburg on Wednesday heard how former Parktown Boys’ High School boarding master Collan Rex strangled a number of boys in what he described as a bonding exercise.

It also heard how Rex allegedly showed a pornographic video to other boys and how he performed a sexual act with one of the boys.

Four boys presented their evidence at the high court‚ which is sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court in Ekurhuleni‚ and four more are expected to testify on Thursday.

Two weeks ago‚ Rex‚ 22‚ who was also the water polo coach‚ pleaded guilty to 144 counts of sexual assault against 12 of the 23 boys who are complainants in the sex scandal that has rocked the school. However‚ he has pleaded not guilty to a further 183 counts‚ which include one of rape‚ 110 of attempted murder‚ 55 of sexual assault‚ seven of exposure of pornography to a child‚ two of sexual grooming‚ and eight of assault.

The first witness who testified on Wednesday‚ a boy aged 16‚ testified in camera and described how in 2016 - when he was 14 - Rex would go to the dormitory and strangle him.

Another boy‚ now aged 18 and who is a boarder at the school‚ described how Rex came into the dormitory in 2016 after the lights had been switched off.

“He came to our dorm room and he was wrestling one of my dorm mates. I pretended as if I was sleeping. He then started to choke me and asked me to tap out if I wanted him to stop. I could not as I passed out. I woke up after a while‚” the young man said.

The young man said his dormitory mates told him he had passed out for a while.

“He also choked another dorm mate‚ who pretended to pass out. This happened on the same night‚” the young man said.

The third witness‚ a 16-year-old boy‚ also described how Rex would walk past him‚ and then put him in a headlock.

“I would struggle to breathe‚” the boy said of the incident which occurred during 2016.

He also said he had seen Rex watching pornographic videos with some of the boarders.

The fourth witness‚ who is now 16‚ described how in 2016 Rex had massaged his back and later put his mouth on the boy’s genitals.

He also accused Rex of grabbing his genitals on more than 20 different occasions at the school.

In addition‚ Rex had choked him on four occasions in 2016‚ he told the court.

The case continues on Thursday.