WATCH | The KFC ad banned by the Advertising Standards Authority

10 September 2018 - 13:27 By Staff Reporter

Someone complained about KFC's "Lunchbox" TV advert – and now it has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA).

The ad shows‚ among other things‚ a car spinning its wheels amid a crowd of onlookers in a warehouse.

The complainant argued that the advert "normalises a very dangerous activity in which people have been killed in South Africa".

KFC denied the allegation‚ arguing that it took great care to ensure its advertising promoted and maintained the highest standards in all media in South Africa.

According to the ASA‚ KFC argued that during the shooting of the car scene‚ it had taken numerous safety precautionary measures that included the following:

  •  the scene was recorded in a closed and controlled facility;
  •  during the recording‚ there were barricades;
  •  tyres were used to separate the vehicle from people in the scene; and- a professional driver was used.

Explaining its ban‚ the ASA said: "The commercial shows the spinning happening in a building facility like a vacant warehouse‚ and not a car racing arena. The entire set-up looks like an amateur event that has been put together by amateurs – and not like a sporting event."

In addition‚ it said‚ with the possible exception of a fleeting disclaimer there was nothing in the commercial.