WATCH | Cheering volunteer at Roodepoort parkrun will give you the feels

12 September 2018 - 07:33
By Jessica Levitt
This volunteer at the Roodepoort parkrun is everything.
Image: Facebook/Ashleigh Laurent This volunteer at the Roodepoort parkrun is everything.

Every Saturday at 8am thousands of South Africans take out their running shoes and head towards their local parkrun venue. Ahead of them is a 5km route, which they have to complete in an hour. And for a beginner, 5km can seem endless.

But when you've got a cheerleader making sure you do your very best, it can make all the difference to your run. Just ask the folks at Roodepoort parkrun.

Asheligh Laurent posted a video of a volunteer, the guys who stand at certain points along the route to make sure all the runners are okay, at the Len Rutter Park in Roodepoort, Johannesburg.

His eagerness to help the runners passing him and passion to make sure they do their best was captured in the video. The clip has since gone viral and has received over 155,000 views.

Best part ever? 

"Overtake them. Overtaaaaake them"

So I run Parkrun weekly now, and this gentleman stands at the end and is everyone’s number 1 fan. He should be in the Nike adverts!

Posted by Ashleigh Laurent on Saturday, 8 September 2018