WATCH | Night of terror: Mapping the hell ride that led to Hannah Cornelius's rape, murder

11 hours, four victims, one hell ride...

17 October 2018 - 14:36
By Anthony Molyneaux

The murder of 21-year-old Stellenbosch student Hannah Cornelius shocked South Africa.

Up until now, little has been known about the exact timeline and location of events on May 27 2017. However, with the start of the court case in the Western Cape high court, new evidence has come to light. 

By using newly released CCTV footage of the alleged perpetrators, along with confessions of the accused and witness testimonies, we are able to map out the most likely sequence of events that led to her death and the arrest of the suspects after a high-speed car chase through Stellenbosch.

While compiling our visual report we discovered what could possibly be the last image taken of Cornelius alive, which can be seen at 02:20 in the video. The grainy image was captured as part of the CCTV camera recording outside of the Devon’s Place Caltex garage almost an hour after the Stellenbosch students were kidnapped.

As the murder case continues to play out in court and more evidence is made available, finer details will come to light. Until then, this is probably the most likely sequence of events that led to her killing.