Woolies confirms cameras monitor fitting room entrance areas

16 November 2018 - 14:18
By Naledi Shange
Retailer Woolworths say its security cameras don't film inside fitting rooms, just the entrances.
Image: Bruce Gorton Retailer Woolworths say its security cameras don't film inside fitting rooms, just the entrances.

If you happen to spot a camera in the fitting rooms at Woolworths, don't be alarmed - they don't record you getting undressed in the cubicles.

The company told TimesLIVE on Friday that it was standard practice for cameras to be positioned at the point of entry in their fitting rooms.

"These cameras are there to check that the correct service procedures are being followed," the company said in a statement.

"They are fixed cameras that can’t rotate, and are positioned to only view the point of entry into the fitting rooms. There is no visibility into the cubicles or even the passage between the cubicles," the company added.

TimesLIVE was alerted to the presence of the cameras by a customer who said she saw a camera when she was in a fitting room.

"Hey WOOLWORTHS, what’s up with the cameras in the fitting rooms of your Pavilion Shopping Centre store? Are you usually in the business of invading the privacy of your customers," the concerned customer asked on the company's Facebook page.

Woolworths responded to her query , saying: "We have investigated with the stores and can assure you that these cameras are installed in such a way that it is not at all possible to see into the fitting rooms."

The retail giant has recently been in the news after incendiary devices were found at some of their outlets in KwaZulu-Natal.

As investigations continued, new security measures were put in place, including bag searches and scanning for all consumers entering their stores in the province.

The searches were later stopped after about 19 people were arrested in connection with the incidents.

Woolworths management would not confirm whether the installation of the cameras was linked to this.

The company would also not say whether the cameras had been installed in all or just specific shops, saying that revealing this would be a breach of their security measures.