'Why is our beloved land so violent?' Pain at murder of guesthouse host

19 November 2018 - 13:37 By TimesLIVE
Police are investigating the murder of Patrick Johannes, a guesthouse host in Cape Town.
Police are investigating the murder of Patrick Johannes, a guesthouse host in Cape Town.
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Cape Town resident Patrick Johannes was counting his blessings after surviving a heart bypass two years ago, but at the weekend his life was cut short by murderers.

Shocked family and friends were sharing tributes as they tried to absorb the loss, with longtime friend Azaad Hayat describing their pain in a post on Facebook as they learnt that "this gentle, altruistic soul" had been "murdered in the safety of his home".

"Now, like so many friends and family members who had met violent deaths before, Patrick has become just another beautiful component of my collective memory. I often ask myself, why? Why? is my stunningly beautiful city among the most violent, dangerous spaces on earth? Yes, the effects of apartheid is one of the primary contributors, but, there are many other, preventable, factors which influence the horrendous pandemic of violence that plague our beloved land," wrote Hayat.

"Although I am an eternal optimist, I fear that the lack of principled, goal orientated leadership in our country does little to install any glimmer of hope of resolving this, seemingly, eternal curse."

Kim Gustafson was among others who shared the loss: "I can't deal with any more deaths from people who were close and loved. I'm shattered. May your beautiful dear soul rest in peace."

The guesthouse host from Lakeside was stabbed to death, allegedly by former guests, although police have not commented on this assertion.

Western Cape police spokesperson Sgt Noloyiso Rwexana said the circumstances surrounding the death of the 59-year-old on Saturday are under investigation.

"Cases of murder and house robbery were registered. The deceased died due to various wounds inflicted on his upper back. The suspects are unknown," said Rwexana.

Patrick Johannes
Patrick Johannes
Image: via Facebook

In March 2016, Johannes shared on his Facebook page that he was feeling renewed after being treated for a serious heart condition.

He also shared his gratitude towards the heart team at Tygerberg hospital, saying it was thanks to their efforts and skill that he felt as good as new.

"It's exactly two weeks since my 5-way bypass surgery ... Lord of dreams later and I'm feeling great," Johannes shared.

His social media profile shows a fit-looking Johannes subsequently travelling to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.