WATCH | Bullets fly during high-speed chase through Joburg

05 December 2018 - 06:31
By Nico Gous

A video of a high-speed chase and shootout in the south of Johannesburg showing four suspects' brazen disregard for public safety has emerged on social media.

CPS Security uploaded their dash-cam footage of the incident, which took place on September 18, to their YouTube channel on Tuesday.

The video shows the dramatic events after the suspects in a white Toyota Corolla botched a hijacking.

In hot pursuit, one of the suspects opens the back left passenger door and fires at CPS Security. The Toyota continues speeding through a neighbourhood.

The video describes how the CPS member is then forced to "fall back as suspects have no regard for public safety and continue firing.”

The chase eventually comes to an end in Ormonde, in the south of the city. “The suspects crashed their vehicle into a fence after losing control and attempted to flee the scene on foot.”

The four suspects were arrested. Four unlicensed guns were recovered.