Joburg cops arrest more than 800 for drinking and driving in November

18 December 2018 - 13:23 By Nico Gous
Joburg police have been working overtime to fight crime, according to statistics for the month of November.
Joburg police have been working overtime to fight crime, according to statistics for the month of November.
Image: Twitter/AllforWomen

More than 800 people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Johannesburg in November.

Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba revealed the number on Tuesday during a monthly crime stats briefing. 

"If allowed, such behaviour graduates to reckless driving, which puts the lives of innocent people in grave danger," said Mashaba.

The city has been releasing monthly crime stats for the Johannesburg metro police (JMPD) since September this year.

In November, the JMPD conducted more than 500 operations, yielding 50 public drinking arrests, the discontinuation of 22 vehicles and more than 100 arrests.

In joint operations with the police, the JMPD conducted operations and confiscated R78m worth of counterfeit goods.

Mashaba claimed counterfeit goods funded other crimes and added to unemployment. "It also funds the kidnapping and illegal transportation of undocumented persons into South Africa, who are then kept against their will in illegal factories and warehouses," he said.

"The reality is that the producers and traders of these counterfeit goods do not employ South Africans."

Stats for November included arrests in the following categories:

  • Public violence: 36
  • Undocumented persons: 40
  • Stolen motor vehicle: 14
  • Reckless and negligent driving: 13
  • Drugs: 10

Other statistics for the month included:

  • Vehicles impounded: 617
  • Hijacked vehicles recovered: 121
  • Guns recovered: 16
  • Drugs recovered: 413kg
  • Traffic fines: 166,582
  • Illegal structures removed: 503
  • Illegal advertising removed: 5,084
  • Illegal street trading: 72
  • Cut-offs of illegal water connections: 78
  • Cut-offs of illegal electricity connections: 62
  • Liquor outlets raids: 234
  • Marches and gatherings: 79
  • Nightclub raids: 49
  • "Bad" buildings raided: 28

One of the crimes that stood out was the arrest of a JMPD driving instructor who demanded sexual favours from a female officer attending training. “The instructor offered her extra lessons on condition that she book for them at a bed and breakfast,” said Mashaba.

The victim reported the matter and the instructor was arrested on November 2. He was granted bail on December 13.

Another JMPD officer was arrested after fatally wounding a member of the public and injuring a bystander at Rocker Fella Lounge in Molapo, Soweto.

The officer was charged with murder, attempted murder and assault GBH (grievous bodily harm). He was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison on November 2.

In another incident, sound equipment from the Supremacy of God Church in Yeoville was impounded and the church closed because it did not have compliance certificates and police had received “non-stop complaints” from the surrounding community.

JMPD chief David Tembe said churches are becoming a problem due to noise pollution and illegal connections.

“The noise that is made by our churches is unacceptable. Whether you are a church, a shebeen or a place of entertainment, we’ll deal with it as and when they commit those crimes," warned Tembe.

"I am tired of people who phone at 1am who say, ‘I can’t sleep’!”

Mashaba claimed the city will soon have “fully operational municipal courts” operating “around the clock”.

“No country has ever succeeded and prospered without the achievement of the rule of law,” he said.