WATCH | Four hijackings that didn't go as planned

21 December 2018 - 07:04 By Ntokozo Miya
A Johannesburg driver narrowly escapes an attempted hijacking.
A Johannesburg driver narrowly escapes an attempted hijacking.
Image: CCTV footage screen grab

These thieves and hijackers had their criminal plans go bust after their victims did the unexpected.

Instant karma for robbers

Armed men who tried to rob a couple in their driveway were unpleasantly surprised when the victims fought back in spectacular fashion.

In a CCTV video of the incident which happened in April, as the suspects leave the victim's driveway and head to their getaway vehicle, the would-be victim reverses out of his home and drives into the would-be hijackers' car. 

The victim's car drives out of sight, only to return a few seconds later. The driver accelerates into the thieves' car and slams it out of the road.

The suspects were later arrested for attempted hijacking.

Instant Karma for driveway armed robbers! People are tired of being till the end. Van Dyk Park, Boksburg

Posted by Intelligence Bureau SA on Friday, 20 April 2018

Granny stuns hijackers

In September, armed robbers who tried to hijack an elderly woman driving a Jeep got more than they bargained for when she defiantly rammed into their vehicle.

The men followed the woman into her driveway seconds after she had driven through an open gate. 

She refused to give in to her attackers even though they pointed guns at her. 

Instead, the woman stepped on the gas pedal and reversed into the robbers' car leaving the men stunned.

The thieves left empty-handed in a badly damaged getaway car.

What are those windows made of?

Many people who saw CCTV footage of a failed smash-and-grab attempt were left wondering what the windows of the target vehicle were made of.

Thieves tried to rob a motorist in Morningside, Johannesburg, in October.

What was supposed to be a quick and easy job was foiled by an incredibly shatterproof window.

The plan was to smash the window with a stick of sorts, grab some items from the car and run off.

But the window just wouldn't break, messing up the robbers' entire plan.

Another high-speed reverse tactic saves the day

A group of hijackers in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, had nothing to show for their hijacking attempt, except their mutilated car.

The plan appeared simple enough — find a victim driving in or out of a driveway, force the victim out of the car and drive away from the scene.


The second phase of the plan proved problematic for the hijackers when their "victim" reversed at high speed out of the driveway and drove into the getaway car.

The thieves drove away with their tails between their legs.