WATCH | Social media divided: Is the new #charcoalchallenge racist?

Latest in series of oddball challenges

10 January 2019 - 10:51 By Iavan Pijoos
The #charcoalchallenge has taken social media by storm.
The #charcoalchallenge has taken social media by storm.
Image: Screengrab of video posted on South Africa Uncut

Social media users are divided over the recent challenge where participants cover their heads with bags of charcoal.

Bizarre videos of the #charcoalchallenge took Facebook by storm. Several videos have been uploaded online since December 30 2018.

In the videos, shirtless men take near-empty charcoal bags, cover their heads, and wiggle around until their faces are pitch black.

Some social media users have dubbed the challenge "The Bobjan Challenge" after the Afrikaans singer Robbie Wessel's song "Bobjan" was used as a soundtrack in the background.

The song is about a man who believed that he was a baboon.

Despite many seeing the funny side of the videos, others were divided.

"That challenge as an insult to my afican skin (sic)," one comment read.

"Me and my African brothers cannot participate in this challenge due to camouflage reasons," a second comment read.

A third comment read: "Sorry gents... Still not gonna get you in on those BEE deals."

The festive season was marked by several other bizarre challenges.

The #IdibalaChallenge went viral after people took to social media to give their best version of the King Monada hit Malwede.

A challenge where social media users put their faces in flour also made the headlines last year.

Netflix recently issued a "don't do this" warning to fans of its Birdbox thriller, cautioning them that trying to do tasks blindfolded could lead to injury.

Why have we become so physical in emulating odd behaviour?

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