The top trending videos from the past week

11 January 2019 - 09:14 By Ntokozo Miya
Snakes galore! An Indian man found 20 snakes under a hot tin roof.
Snakes galore! An Indian man found 20 snakes under a hot tin roof.
Image: YouTube/MultimediaLIVE

A lot happened in the country this week, including Mzwanele Manyi introducing his new political home, Chiefs recording a win and Cyril Ramaphosa seeing his Eskom task team shrink..

With all the news making headlines, you might have missed this week’s top videos.

Caught on camera

We’ve all heard horror stories about how poorly baggage is handled at some airports and how airport staff sometimes help themselves to items from passengers’ bags. 

This week, a video surfaced showing an airport employee mishandling luggage.


Last year, Twitter coined challenge hashtags after several trending stories, including the #GigabaChallenge and the #IdibalaChallenge.

This year, the #CharcoalChallenge received mixed reactions on Twitter.

The challenge sees people covering their faces with charcoal dust, which some social media users thought was too close to blackface for comfort.

Twenty snakes found in a home

Remember the movie Snakes on a Plane?

In a video which trended this week, Indian snake rescuers found 20 snakes in a man’s home. 

EC man tries to save dolphin

One of this week’s most heartbreaking videos depicted a man’s failed attempt to rescue a beached dolphin in the Eastern Cape. 

The defeated rescuer said: “I desperately tried to save this tired fella between Kleinemond and Fish River. No luck unfortunately.”