WATCH | 'My forefathers will kill me if I had to give R2 to a white guy'

21 January 2019 - 10:34 By Nico Gous

“I’m a very nice guy. I’m a very giving person, but my forefathers will kill me if I had to give R2 to a white guy.”

That is what a man says to a white beggar in a video which has tongues wagging on social media. The video starts shortly after the white beggar asks for R2 to buy bread.

"My man, where were you when white people were taking black people’s stuff? Where were you?" the man in the car asks.

The beggar is unsure how to answer and says he lives in town. The person filming the video retorts that there are many struggling black people.

"For me to give you R2, I’d have to be the last man on Earth and you need to have a gun in your hand. White people are murderers, my man. You've killed our forefathers. You are here illegally and you still want me to give you a R2. My man, I feel disrespected. I’m sitting here nicely, working in the beach, in the ocean and relaxing and you're coming here to disturb me. Why are you doing this my brother?"

The beggar replies: "I am hungry."

Some said the video was uncalled for.

Chicco Anathi Mlinyelwa wrote: "There was no need for all this just say you don’t have R2 qha if you don’t have."

Xolani Mnisi said: "Hateful and not necessary."

Qinisile Nyawo: "It was unnecessary and lack a sense of humanity."

Jabulani Ngcongo: "Not cool at all, if someone beg for help, help him, if you can’t help him just keep quiet."

DK Phalatse said: "Disgrace. No need to kick a man when he is down."

David Batenga: "This is so cruel. Where is ubuntu?"

Andy McNeill: "A poor man asked a rich man for some money to buy bread because he is hungry. The rich man filmed the poor man on his smartphone from within his expensive car as he insulted him. It was painful to watch on a human level."

Sthe Duma commented: "Not all whites were or are as bad as we want to feed our mind! Some were fighting apartheid like us."

Ras Danti Myali shared these words of advice for the driver: "The driver has a car, has options to go on vacation, probably has a job, doesn’t go to bed hungry and all other comforts. He has more than the beggar and the other poor blacks he mentioned. Brother, keep working hard and count your blessings. Don’t focus on the past, it won’t take you any further."

Myali also shared this message to wider society: "Although this felt good and therapeutic for the driver, it won’t change history and there’s nothing positive we can benefit from what he did. He could have just refused to help the beggar without exposing how hurt he’s been. Conquer your pain, don’t let it consume you."